March 22, 2012

chili by girly me just born! / chili by girly me始まりました。

girly me web storeから【chili by girly me】 が誕生致しました。

I was thinking about create the new line and now 【chili by girly me】 finally started!

chili by girly me

【chili by girly me】 では、ネパールやタイ等からの
All items of 【chili by girly me】 are from Nepal, Thai, etc such as Ethnic Asian fashion.

パーティー にも使えちゃう【chili by girly me】をどうぞよろしくね。

【chili by girly me】 's items are good match with beach resort, Sunday branch,
relaxing and even party!

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You can enter from "CHILI BY GIRLY ME" category on left side bar of web store.

girly me web store

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